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Monday, 26 January 2009

out of sight, out of my mind

I was actually thinking of posting something, anything, on this blog.

Got a couple of things that got thru my mind over the last few weeks, figure I might want to write it down.

Like how my psychiatry block is coming along, how interesting psychiatric patients really are, how i'm currently isolated from the outside world, how i think i'm going mad with this self-imposed social isolation, how i dreaded the weekend because it meant my only source of internet is closed, how i dreaded the weekdays because it meant i have to find something to do in the hospital myself again, how i died-ed in the accommodation each day from boredom because i'm the only one inhabiting my flat, how i kept the radio on each night just so that there's some noise, how when i turned it off the silence i hear can be so deafening, how i wonder what it must have felt like to be schizophrenic, how being a doctor is a risk factor for mental illness (or psychiatric illness, to be politically correct), how today is chinese new year yet it's not, how the last piece of Matalan jacket i was eyeing just got snapped up the day i decided to buy it, how i laugh reading the msn chat logs stored in my laptop, how i miss the days way back in first year of IMU (i didn't know we were that bitchy concerned haha :P) ..

But meh .. guess i'll leave it for another day.

Happy Chinese New Year guys.

Random family update since previous post:
Cousin found out she's having a boy coming in third, little brother got a job at Sony Centre, little brother quit his job, older brother got a car in Aussie, i think i'll be here for a little while.

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