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Friday, 7 March 2008

mid-holiday depression syndrome

There was an ulat in my lunch.


Seriously that's about as exciting as work can get haha. Okay, it's not actually THAT bad since my colleagues are really fun people to work with.. if i could stand hearing 'First Love' playing everyday from the secretary-cum-office-DJ's music blaring.

There's a new girl in the office as well, working for HR department.. which consists of her and her alone. Which means before this there was never a HR department. Aha guess it's really a small company..

.. and i got my first paycheck yesterday! Wee! After travelling an hour to and another from the office everyday and working 8.5 hours a day for the past 2 weeks.. i got a whopping RM616.41! Which, after i deduct the money spent on transport and food during the same time.. leaves me a profit of RM50. siiiiggghhh ..


On to other news.. we finally have a car in IMU! Thanks Chee Mei's daddy! Haha. Now we don't have to wait for taxi or walk all the way to Sri Petaling for mamak supper anymore.. =)

I kinda miss the old days sometimes, just for the company we had.. though now isn't so bad either. At least i don't have exams to study for, lectures to sleep in, CSU to be scolded for, PBL to be wiki-ed, and the like. And with Ben, Chee Mei and Mustaqim around, it does feel kinda home-y.. huddling together like a small bit of the family left stranded here haha


But for the past couple of days i've been feeling out of place, felt like just dive head first into work and not care bout anything. Like i've become a workaholic and i can't do anything else besides work anymore. Maybe it's the realisation that i'm not earning as much as i thought i was.. or maybe i can't wait to work because i don't want that feeling to tug at me. The feeling like i'm missing a part of me..

Doesn't help finding out second phase starts on July 21st (from Wai Kien's sister). Shucks. I know we're gonna leave in mid-July, but something bout finding out when exactly my freedom ends just made me all gloomy inside (just like the hazy KL right now) :(

ps - tomorrow's election day, which means holiday to us ignorant citizens who 'forgot' to register for it haha :P

pps - see the ad above? They're even selling land there O.o

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