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Saturday, 30 December 2006

what i did instead of studying

Such a beautiful Saturday.. perfect for being stuck at your study table with mountains of books and lecture notes, mugging like your life depended on it.

Me? I was catching rabbits.

Really. Yeah =P. Never said i was a typical med student, did i?

Haha seriously.. actually i was on my way to Carrefour for some groceries shopping when i saw 2 rabbits jumping by the roadside (near the Komanwel Park). "Cute", i thought. "Funny", i thought next. "Irresponsible", came to my mind last. Yeah, there shouldn't be rabbits by the roadside.

Further up the road i saw a box with rabbit food inside. Doesn't take more to recognise it. Someone decided to abandon the rabbits there =/. Sigh.

Thought i might want to rear them. Or find someone who would like to rear them. Instead of them invading the Komanwel Park and start proliferating faster than a squamous cell carcinoma of the lung (lol. sorry can't help it. was studying that last ma). Or stain the road with their blood and guts =S.

There were 3 of them actually.. but i only managed to catch 2 of them and kept them inside a box. Probably will go back there tomorrow for the third one.

Just a few hours after i brought them home, and they've already shat a tonne. Ugh. And when their 'home' is overflowing with shit, they decided to jump out of the box and shat all over my backyard too. I'm this close to treating my friends to rabbit stew for dinner. But i'm a nice person.. =P (no rabbit stew for you)

i call the left one Dirty. i call the right one Shitty.

Meanwhile i was caring for Merv's (aka Mario) turtles too. They were his birthday present couple of months ago. After almost a week of observing them, i can finally map out their everyday routine without error.

Wake up. Eat. Shit. Eat. Shit. Eat. Shit. Eat Shit. Sleep.

tutu and hippo. i dunno which is who tho.

Yawn. I need to study now. Post one last pic which i find so extremely cute. Hehe. I was washing the turtle's home and had to put them into a bowl temporarily. Then i saw this.

"i don't want to be turtle stew! get me out of here!"

Bet you never knew turtles were this smart, doncha?

ps - rabbits shat again. sigh. rabbit foot for luck, anyone? buy two free one?

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